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5 December 2022

The latest edition of The Executive Remuneration Review has now been published and can be accessed for free here. Tapestry’s contribution, the EU Overview, can be accessed here

Tapestry’s contributors, Chris Fallon, Matthew Hunter and Lewis Dulley have published an overview outlining the critical aspects of, and recent regulatory changes to, the executive remuneration framework in the EU, dealing with topics such as: 

  • share dealing and market abuse;
  • corporate governance;
  • securities laws;
  • data protection;
  • remuneration regulations, including those applicable to financial services sector; and
  • environmental, social and governance concerns.

The Law Reviews provide in-depth analysis of global legal issues and their commercial implications, written by thought leaders at the world’s top law firms, and we’re delighted that Tapestry has been asked to contribute to The Executive Remuneration Review again this year.

We hope that you enjoy reading this publication, and we would welcome any chance to discuss with you. 

Chris Fallon, Matthew Hunter and Lewis Dulley

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